June 12, 2019

Upcoming changes planned for next week’s deployment:

Approximately 10 minutes of downtime is to be expected at Tuesday 18-06-2019 11:00 UTC. There will be a short period where the exchange will remain in ‘Cancel only’ mode, allowing traders to close orders before order matching resumes.

API changes

  • COD (Cancel On Disconnect) after closing websocket connection will close all orders opened using that particular connection. This has been changed from requiring all websocket connections to be closed before a user’s orders were cancelled.
  • New response field added to ‘private/get_account_summary’ with extended=true parameter: The “referrer_id” field – an optional identifier of the referrer (of the affiliation program), whose link was used by this account at registration. It coincides with the suffix of the affiliation link path after `/reg-`’.
  • Calling the endpoints: ‘private/cancel_all’,’ /private/cancel_all_by_currency’ and ‘/private/cancel_all_by_instrument’ will now return the total number of cancelled orders instead of “Ok”.
  • New field added to the response of ‘private/get_stop_order_history’ endpoint: ‘last_update_timestamp’
  • Added multiple client id/secret management with configurable scope (possibility of creating read-only keys) – More details in the documentation soon.
  • New subscription channels added:
    • User.changes.{instrument_name}.{interval}
    • User.changes.{kind}.{currency}.{interval}

These channels will contain a list of the user’s changed orders together with a (possibly empty) list of trades related to those orders and a (possibly empty) list of changed positions related to the given trades.


  • Multiple changes in web UI related to small bugs/inconveniences that were reported recently
  • Improvements and changes to architecture should significantly reduce spikes in latency during higher loads.

Deribit – June 2019